SCOUTE Precision Hunter Development Intermediate Course July 14 - 16, 2023

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We will offer 1 SCOUTE Intermediate PHD Course in 2023 after popular demand from our 2022 PHD’s.

We are bringing men and women hunters together to expand their knowledge, skillset and confidence at long range. We as ethical hunters believe that we owe it to the animals we pursue to be as efficient and consistent with ourselves and our equipment as possible. These courses will help you do just that! Our intention is to offer an extremely educational event that will enhance your understanding and application of skillsets to better accomplish your goals. We also want everyone to have fun and meet other great people!

This event will be hosted at The Grainery in Wilsal, MT.  The course will consist of three 8-hour days with a 1 hour lunch. Check-in will be the Thursday afternoon before the event starts. Food and drinks will be provided.


INTERMEDIATE is July 14th - 16th for $2,500 and for shooting enthusiasts and serious rifle hunters who want to push your limits and/or reset. Training will be conducted by Modern Day Sniper with assistance from Team SCOUTE. Rick Crawly from Achilles Heel Tactical and Justin Rasmussen from Razco Gear will demonstrate pistol manipulation and bear behavior for self defense.

This Intermediate Level is for those who have some experience behind their rilfles, but are looking to unlock more potential from themselves, and their shooting systems.  This class is a great reset, and serves as an excellent foundation to continue to build upon.


**Please contact us to discuss which class is best suited for your needs and experience.**

These courses will offer:
 Skills development with the most comprehensive precision rifle training designed specifically for
 Adventure to gain experience, push your limits and have fun with other great shooters and
outdoor companies
 Detailed knowledge of internal, external and terminal ballistics
 Confidence in your abilities and equipment
 A fundamental base for long range precision shooting and hunting.
 A chance to compete and apply the skillsets learned for some amazing prizes provided by our sponsors!

This course will cover the following topics:
 Fundamentals of long-range precision
 Proper shooting position
 Body mechanics
 Ballistics

 Rifle set up
 Elements to effective engagement
 How to read wind
 Quick wind formulas
 Proper zero
 How to build D.O.P.E. (data on previous engagement)
 Shooter - Observer communication/dialogue
 Target ID
 Unknown distance formulas
 Known distance engagements
 Multiple target engagements
 Overcoming other than ideal shooting positions


Minimum Gear Requirements:
 Precision rifle capable of 1MOA
 Properly mounted MIL-dot or MOA reticle scope
 Bipods
 200 rounds of match grade ammo
 Eye and ear protection
 Extra magazines if rifle has a detachable mag system
 Sand sock
 Appropriate clothing for weather
 Notebook
 Cleaning gear
 Snacks and water container (Camelbak/Nalgene)
 Rifle Sling
Optional Gear:
 Tripod set up
 Kestrel
 Ballistic computer


Location will be a Wilsail, Montana.  Several hotels are in Livingston, MT and we can assist with renting some local cabins, houses and lodges a well.


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